Road transport

Here is a real-life example. Previously, our partner, a trucking company, contracted third-party companies to clean the frames of its vehicles and semi-trailers. It was necessary to wait for their turn, deliver the vehicles cross-town, then the frames were processed and painted. This situation could have continued unless this process did not last for so long and the quality of the work was not so doubtful. Indeed, it turned out to be much more efficient to purchase and master our equipment and understand technological peculiarities, criteria for the quality of surface preparation, and master air-free painting technique.

After all: Having studied the situation with paints, they found out that epoxides were cool, they adhered so well that they were never beaten by driving over thousands of kilometers. And when they mastered the use of polyurethane, it turned out to be a whole new reality! Some old vehicles with this paint look like new ones! What one must do with them? That's right: sell, renewing the fleet, but at a higher price than their "peers" without new coating!


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