Pneumatic hydro-abrasive Energy Blast machines

Surface treatment up to SA 3 grade dust-free, oil-free, Ry = 40-80 microns, for 48 hours or more. In any production conditions.

Application areas

Our machines are successfully used at ship-repair, ship-building, oil and gas enterprises and by other companies specializing in anticorrosive treatment.

Water Inhibitor Abrasive

Operating principle

The flask is filled in with the abrasive material, the water is automatically pumped in proportion of 3 parts of abrasive and 1 part of water. The wet abrasive material with performance of 20-35 m²/h rubs off the rust, old paint and other contaminations. Preparation grade Sa3, Ry=40-80 µm (up to 270 µm depending on abrasive sizing), dust content 0 point, salts less then 100 mg/sq.m or less than 50 mg/sq.m

  • Safe and efficient

    Dust-free cleaning

    No dust during the Energy Blast operation makes it possible to make cleaning simultaneously with other works. This allows for radical changing the whole cleaning process and minimizing costs.

  • Average abrasive consumption 300 kg on 10 m² "Energy Blast" abrasive consumption 140 kg on 10 m²

    Saves material costs

    High pressure

    During operation at the pressure of 10-12 atmosphere (as compared to standard 6-8 atm), the abrasive consumption is reduced from 36 down to 14-15 kg/m². The operation life of abrasive hoses increases twofold, and of nozzles - three-fold.

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  • Standart
    After 48 hours Cleaning
    with inhibitor

    Optimization of ‘cleaning-painting’ chain

    Corrosion resistance for 48 hours and more

    Using the corrosion inhibitor makes it possible to perform cleaning and painting in one pass. The fixative does not deteriorate the paint adhesion to the cleaned surface, and is within the allowed parameters of the water-soluble salts amount on the cleaned surface it also protects the surface from atmospheric corrosion even in the fog and dew.

Compressor Water
supply 12V

Energy Blast-300

Abrasive loading volume ― 300 l / 80 l
Operating pressure ― up to 12 atm.
Operation mode ― ‘wet’, ‘dry’, variable humidity
Power supply ― 12 V
Machine weight ― 220 kg
Dimensions ― 1800*800*1100 mm (flask diameter 800 mm, with handles ― 1100 mm)

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