Pneumatic hydro-abrasive Energy Blast machines

Surface treatment up to SA 3 grade  dust-free, oil-free, Ry = 40-80 microns, for 48 hours or more. In any production conditions.

Abrasive loading capacity is 300 l / 80 l

10 270

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Scopes of application

Pneumatic hydro-abrasive Energy Blast machines are used at ship repair and oil and gas plants, in erection of bearing steel structures and bridge arrangement, in construction of power lines and cleaning of building façades, and in other cases where dust-free cleaning is required.

Ship repair

The absence of dust when using the Energy Blast machine allows parallel execution of various technological operations in the dock (painting, welding, ultrasonic diagnostics, repair of the propeller-rudder system, dismantling and installation of sea valves, etc.).


«No dust»No dust when the machine is operating in the "wet" mode

Oil and gas industry

The Energy Blast machines allow performing surface cleaning works (up to Sa 3 grade) at the existing plants without any necessity of “obtaining a permit for hot works”. The impact action of abrasive in the aquatic environment eliminates HAZARDOUS sparking.


Without any risk of fire"Wet" cleaning eliminates hazardous sparking

Quality and reliability at a reasonable price

Our own production base, equipped with advanced high-tech equipment, allows us to produce up to 30 production items simultaneously. We purchase a portion of components from suppliers that have undergone a stringent selection, and we produce the rest of components on our own.

The products are certified

1.5–3 times cheaper
than the European analogues

1 year
product warranty

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  • 12 V
    power supply
  • Compressor
  • Operating pressure
    up to 12 atmospheres

  • Abrasive loading capacity is
    80 and 300 l

  • 3 modes of operation
    ("dry", "wet" and variable humidity)

  • 12 V
    power supply

Operation scheme

The production complex for anti-corrosive protection of metal surfaces includes:
— compressor;
— pneumatic hydro-abrasive machine;
— set of abrasive sleeves;
— control equipment;
— sand blasting nozzle;
— water tank/tank for solution of surface condition fixer;
— personal protective equipment;
— abrasive of the required fraction and hardness.

Energy Blast operation manual

2 times less


Connecting the machine and loading abrasive

The machine should be installed on a horizontal and solid surface, the connection should be performed according to the Operation Manual. The ratio of abrasive, solution and flux density can be easily adjusted both at start-up and during operation.


Surface preparation

The use of wet abrasive eliminates the formation of dust and, thus, allows to compactly place the processing complex. This is a completely new production environment.

Set of work outfit

Processing quality
complies with
ISO 8501-1 2007

> 48 h


Surface dedusting and painting

Immediately after dedusting with a water-air jet supplied through a slit nozzle/standard nozzle, or using a device such as "Kaercher", as soon as the moisture evaporated, the surface is ready for painting. In order to prevent metal corrosion, we fix the surface condition via AMIDAL inhibitor.


List of equipment

The cost of the machine includes basic components only. Optionally, we will complete the order with necessary accessories.

Basic equipment

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